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The Bizio


Branding, UX/UI design, Web Design

01 Challenge

I was approached by a new software company called Bizio and asked to help them build and design their new website platform and company branding. It’s important not only to come up with a good design but also make sure the whole product and features communicates to the user base and market.

02 Approach

Benchmarking is a key component in concept creations and design process. This project in particular required a lot of research (current market trend and competition analysis) to make sure you are not only “speaking the users language” but also standing out in the market.

03 Solution

Keeping things trendy and fresh! A Website consisting of 4 webpages was able to hit all their requirements; showing the client what the company is about, organized the best way to cleanly display the features and benefits of The Bizio, providing a smooth navigation system for persistent user engagement.


This company targets users and organizations looking to take their business to the next level, offering great tools for networking, managing, collaborating, and communicating such as meet, drive, office tools and C-Suite. Their technology and great team offer a platform that is secure, encrypted, reliable and highly customizable.

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