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TENEX, is a secure, regulated, and transparent digital asset exchange platform for institutional and retail investors trading Enterprise NFTs, Crypto, Derivatives (pending regulatory approval), and Fiat Currencies.




Tenex Group


Branding, UX/UI design, Web Design, Web development

01 Challenge

The Tenex group knows the future is digital, so they are all about it. That’s why their business is focused on the digital asset exchange, and I was asked to collaborate in the creation of this great complex project.

02 Approach

They main purpose of this platform is to welcome their clients and get them familiarized with their product, with who they are, how their technology works, and why the Tenex Group platform is their best choice.

03 Solution

Focusing the main attention on the landing page, we used the colour green (which communicates trust and finance) and water marks with digital currency communicating the type of business while giving it a cool and fresh look. The website is a Parallax style with 6 tabs to properly segment the key information.


Tenex’s target audience is always on the move, they need access to their platform from pc to mobile devices such as cell phones. This is why we developed a responsive website.

Style Guide

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