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A Family Owned and operated company that provides premium quality installation, products (glass and mirror) and service at the best price in Central Florida




Taurus Glass LLC


Branding, UX/UI design, Web Design, Web development

01 Challenge

Taurus Glass is a family owned and operated company located in Florida. They started off as small business relying on word-of-mouth referrals. As their company started growing, with new opportunities and bigger potential clients, they found themselves in need of an online presence in order to increase branding credibility, attract new customers, make communication more efficient and showcase their products and work.

02 Approach

This was a clear case of digital transformation. From the creation of a perfect logo that clearly communicates the industry and product, to a creation of a website that allows their clients (residential and commercial) to see their services and high-quality work. In order to do so, I was able to work closely with the family in order to understand the differences and varieties of their wide portfolio of shower doors product.

03 Solution

After several working sessions with the client, we came up with a clean website design consisting of 6 webpages, helping the users navigate the website smoothly and making it easier to contact Taurus Glass directly (through WhatsApp integration) or downloading their contact information (via QR implementation).


This family owned and operated company couldn’t be happier with the results, this project brought for them an establish branding material, online presence, and an increase of leads and new clients.

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