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Phil Weber

Phil Weber has been guiding men toward victory in the world of basketball and beyond. Globally on and off the court, from New York, to Phoenix, to India, Phil's life-changing strategies have elevated some of the biggest names in the game. Through his new page turner, “How Do You Make Them Thirsty?”, the professional basketball coach, public speaker, and now author fires up readers with wit, wisdom, and cutting-edge insights for life in his book.




Phil Weber


UI Design, Web Design

01 Challenge

Former NBA Assistant Coach is transitioning career paths and to reach his audience he needs an online presence. He wanted a website to promote his new book “ How to make them thirsty” and to share his content that consisted of podcasts and interviews.

02 Approach

Having working sessions with Phil was a fantastic experience, while discussing ideas for his website I realized that his vision for this project is a reflection of his vision in life and his personality. Phil wants a clear and straightforward website that communicates in an efficient way his message to his audience.

03 Solution

A parallax website design was the perfect choice for Phil’s website, with a fixed top menu, the user will be able to get to any of the 6 sections of the website by tapping on the menu or scrolling down. Book links, podcasts, testimonies, news, partnerships, and contacts all in one place.


“The truly great have a thirst that can be slaked only by their drive to improve.” -Phil Weber

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