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Inventiva is a "boutique" consulting firm that adopts a unique approach in its interventions to solve organizational challenges in development projects and process optimization.






Branding, UX/UI design, Web Design, Web development

mockup inventiva

01 Challenge

Inventiva is a consulting company located in Colombia. They started off providing their services to companies within Colombia but their rapid growth due to their fantastic reputation motivated them to refresh and improve their brand and website, which had not been updated in over 5 years. Having the attention of possible national and international clients was the motivational strategy for Inventiva to transform their digital interface. First impressions are important and the Inventiva team knows it.

02 Approach

Inventiva’s key ingredient is the wide portfolio of services if offers. The challenge was to make sure I find a space to list their areas of strength, expertise, and what makes their services the best choice for their potential clients. I worked with 4 different people from the inventiva group, having 4 different perspectives on branding and online presence was challenging but enriching at the same time. Each person shared with me their team goals, professional anecdotes, and pain points to address, which ended up being the perfect combination to create the ultimate proposal plan.

03 Solution

After several brainstorming and working sessions with the clients, we came up with the perfect logo that reflects the company’s young and versatile energy, as due to the large amount of content they provide, a simple user friendly website design consisting of 9 different tabs with clear segmentation of topics would help improve user navigations and overall user experience.

Attract new clients, keep your clients

With this design we make sure the user remembers their brand, uses their website, loves it, and revisits this site.

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