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Branding Strategy

Haddish Cloud

Haddish cloud is a cloud with style. Offering a competitive pricing package, Tiffany Haddish enters into the tech world with her own cloud services.




Tiffany Haddish



For those that live in the clouds

Working with Tiffany and her team was a fun creation experience. For the time being this project remains as a concept only, but the reason why is amazing! With the fast-paced society we live in today, we decided to get ahead of the game and continue to evolve this project. We are currently working on a new amazing product and features. Stay tuned, you will love it!

We had the freedom to explore all kind of shapes and colours, with no limitations she had a wide range of logo proposals to pick from.

Once Tiffany was set on the colour style: blue and purple, it was all about exploring the top 3 logo proposals. Following the line of less is more, the winner was the logo based on the letter H: clean, crisp, and modern, this Logo was the perfect logo for her cloud.

The final package included not only a logo, but all the branding material necessary to run her business, stationary guides, a brand style guide, and a website proposal.

Brand Concept and Style Guide

Digital Design

Business Cards

Stationary Brand Design

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