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Branding Strategy

Amazing City tours

A Tours company that offers services focused on St Augustine Fl as their star destination.




Amazing City tours



Down for the adventure

Gabriel is a businessman by nature, he had everything planed on paper, ready to embark his new adventure, the only part left to do was the design. Gabriel wanted the logo to be inspired by the main destination St Augustine. Note: Sadly, Amazing city tours didn’t make it due to the COVID Pandemic, but Gabriel’s dream and vision will come back when the time is right again.

The concept was clear, so there wasn’t a need for many brainstorming sessions. A few meetings and drafts was enough to capture his vision and translate it into a beautiful logo.

With St Augustine in mind, we narrowed our references to a few keywords: colonial, old (oldest city in the US), warm and traditional, and for the final result:  a perfect wordmark logo.

The final package included not only a logo, but all the branding material necessary to run his business like stationary guides, a brand style guide, and souvenir branding ideas.

Brand Concept and Style Guide

Digital Design

Business Cards

Stationary Brand Design

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